BABY ECO - For the #BLM cause

Dry effect:

This is where we officially present our brand new collection of Eco Baby pocket diapers.In total 12 diaper designs are presented to you in this wonderful collection, to which we hope will be added many more..Among these 12 designs, 2 will help support BLM and LGBT causes by donating 10% of the profits raised to organizations that support these causes.

With our Black Lives Matter themed diaper, we hope to show all our support for the global black community, but more specifically for that of us here in Quebec.Despite all the unfortunate events that this community has already had to face for several years around the world, even today, the black community continues to be the victim of racism, discrimination, racial profiling, hateful acts and violence. injustice.Unfortunately, these events do not only concern our neighbors, they are indeed happening here, in Quebec and in Canada.We firmly believe that every human being has the right to be treated with respect and dignity and to assert their rights, regardless of their skin color or origin.If this cause is also close to your heart, by getting our pocket diaper Black Lives Matter, you can help us make our small contribution so that one day the injustices towards this community will end.

With our LGBT themed diaper, we also hope to support the entire LGBT + community which, even today, is not fully accepted by our society.Although we have evolved enormously from the prejudices that society carried towards lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans and others, there is still a huge amount of awareness work to be done with people who still do not accept the community. LGBT +.In 2021, it is utter nonsense to have to remind people that a person's sexual orientation should in no way interfere with the treatments they are receiving.Many young people or even adults hide their sexual orientation all their life for fear of judgments that family, friends or the world in general will make them and when they finally come out, it takes all the courage in the world to do it, why?Why does it take courage to just say I'm gay or lesbian or bisexual or whatever?Why isn't it just natural like being heterosexual?Why do people still feel oppressed by the weight of their sexual orientation?It is a need and a duty that we as a society have to ensure that the stigma and discrimination against LGBT + people end.If this cause is also close to your heart, by getting our LGBT pocket diaper, you can help us make our small contribution so that one day the injustices towards this community will end.

Our Eco Baby pocket diapers come with our 11.5 oz absorbent Eco Baby insert.If you wish to have more information on our insert, visit the official page of the product that you will find by going to the section ACCESSORIES of our website.In addition, we are well aware that some babies react to one type of tissue and another not, which is why we offer you the possibility of choosing between the interior in AWJ or in fleece according to your preferences and within the limits of stocks.Again, sustainable and affordable go hand in hand.

In addition, if you encounter a problem related to a manufacturing defect of the product, you could then resort to our warranty which will compensate you with a repair (if possible), a physical replacement of the product.(depending on the availability of our products), a credit to our store OR a refund.

For more information regarding our warranty, please see our section GUARANTEE on the website.

Characteristics :

- One size fits all for babies weighing between 3 and 15 kg (variable depending on the baby's morphology)

- Exterior: PUL


- 100% polyester

Designed in Quebec.
Made in China.