Washable diapers are a great way to save money, however for your purchase to be profitable you must follow our washing and care instructions.By following our instructions, you can ensure that you can benefit from our warranty in the event of a problem and that you can use our products better.Here, we will therefore give you the outline for washing and maintaining our products and especially what not to do to avoid damaging your diapers.If you are looking for more general information on cloth diapers, tips and our recommendations based on our personal experience then go to the sectionBETTER UNDERSTAND WASHABLE DIAPERS.of our website.


For the first wash, you must follow exactly the same washing routine which will be explained below.The third wash cycle is not necessary when the diapers are new.However, inserts and flat diapers could take up to 10 complete washes (2 cycles) and 10 drys to reach their maximum absorbency.


1- You have to get rid of the stool on the diaper and on the washable wipes and throw them in the toilet bowl.You can use a hand shower or a spoon that will be reserved for scraping the stool in order to get rid of it.If you omit this step, you risk clogging or damaging your plumbing because the plumbing in your washing machine, sink, or shower is not designed to pass stool.In addition, you will also risk improper washing of your products.

2- If you have used a hand shower to rinse your diapers, inserts and washable wipes in order to remove the remaining solid residues, it is very important to let them air dry until the day of washing, otherwise mold could form and stronger, more resistant odors could permeate the diapers and their accessories.

3- Don't forget to remove the insert (s) from your diapers before leaving your load.If the pocket diaper has two openings, this last step is not mandatory.


1- All our products can be washed in hot water, but it must not exceed a temperature of 30 ° C. Cold water can also be used to wash diapers and their accessories, however this may be less effective depending on your washing routine and detergent.

2- For optimal cleaning of your diapers, inserts, waterproof bags and washable wipes, we recommend at least two wash cycles per load:

- A QUICK WASH or NORMAL type court lasting at least 30 minutes;

- A long HEAVY DUTY type.

However, if you notice bad odors after the two wash cycles and you are sure that your detergent is working, you can run a third cycle which will be the same as the short cycle.The first cycle will primarily act as a rinse to get rid of urine, the second cycle is the one that will deep clean, and the third cycle, if needed, will complete your wash.

3- The tub of your washer must be at least half full and at most three quarters full.

4- In order to have an effective washing routine, it is essential to inform yourself about the type of water in your city:

- If your water is hard, you should avoid rinsing with water only and use a powder detergent;

- If your water is soft, you can do a water rinse after your two or three wash cycles and you can use both liquid detergent and powder detergent.

Be careful, there are detergents that are very effective and others not at all, so you have to be careful with your choice and especially not to use a detergent that contains fabric softener.

5- If your baby has had his vaccines, has gastro, foot-mouth or fungi, it is absolutely necessary to wash the diapers and their accessories in hot water during the 14 days following the vaccines or the duration and end of symptoms to minimize the risk of virus resistance.


1- Ideally, waterproof diapers and bags should be air dried on a clothesline or indoor dryer.However, once a month we recommend machine drying them on a low heat to tighten the elastic and fibers of the diapers.You can also dry them, with the inserts and washable wipes, in the machine at low temperature at any time.

2- Baby's stool can stain diapers, inserts and washable wipes.Be careful, this does not necessarily mean that they have been improperly washed.A good indicator of whether diapers and their accessories are clean is that they have absolutely no odor, they do not smell of stool or detergent.

3- If the stains in the diapers and their accessories disturb you, when they are clean and still wet, you can lay them out in the sun, this will make the stains disappear quite quickly.However, do not spread pocket diapers during large heat waves when the sun is too strong, as this could damage the PUL of your diapers.You can also use a stain remover bar to remove stains and then rinse your diapers thoroughly to completely remove the product.


1- Cream for diaper rash should be avoided with cloth diapers and their accessories, because it generally contains petroleum derivatives or mineral oils which may waterproof your products.

2- Under no circumstances should pocket diapers or waterproof bags be ironed, as this will totally damage the PUL of your diapers.

3- Fabric softener, bleach and vinegar cannot be used with ANY of our products

4- Cuddly toys MUST NOT be put in the dryer.